We help professional women find relief from anxiety in order to live a happier life.

Michele Lyman


Michele Lyman is known for her enthusiasm, outgoing personality and unconditional love for her clients. She has been practicing yoga since 2000 and became an instructor in 2003. She received her bachelor’s in Finance and Economics and her master's in Accounting and Entrepreneurship from Babson College in Boston MA. For thirteen years, Michele balanced her corporate life with her love of teaching yoga. When that balance become a struggle, Michele decided to leave corporate America and become an entrepreneur.

During the early years of her yoga practice, Michele struggled with depression and anxiety. She first turned to talk therapy and helping her finally get off medication and she is now able to cope with whatever life throws her way.

A large part of this program is finding compassion for yourself and others. Michele is inspired when she sees her clients trying to better themselves, sharing an experience, and finding strength in each other. The tools she will share with you have helped her accept herself just as she is and to focus her mind on the present moment when she feels depressed or anxious. These tools make her feel happier and more alive and she knows this program will do the same for you.

The 5 Secrets My Clients Use To Crush Their Anxiety, Face Their Fears, And Finally Regain Control of Their Life

(Even if their world seems totally out of control)