We help professional women find relief from anxiety in order to live a happier life.


I have more confidence to face the world.

“I participated in Michele’s individualized program to help manage stress and anxiety. It has worked fabulously for me and I feel simultaneously more physically healthy, flexible, and strong, and more mentally calm, collected, and peaceful. Michele taught me various "tools," to put in my own personal "toolbox," to deal with anxiety, giving me more confidence to face the world as I get ready to graduate college.”

~ Sarah

I walked away with tools I can use in the moments I need them the most.

"I decided to ease into my yoga practice with the one-on-one instructional classes, specifically for anxiety and depression. I originally was intimated and nervous, but Michele could not have been more kind, understanding, and comforting to my concerns. She made me feel welcomed while she listened and empathized out of experience. Michele tailored each class to my specific needs, and I walked away with a new arsenal of go-to techniques to pull from in the moments when I may need them the most."

~ Nicole

Bring mindfulness and awareness into my everyday life.

“My sessions with Michele have been tailored toward anxiety management and reducing slight body pain in the neck and shoulders related to migraine headaches. Michele's knowledge and one on one attention both on and off the mat has helped me tremendously in my day to day life with not only yoga poses and exercises, but how I can bring that same mindfulness and awareness with me in the wide variety of environments I find myself in throughout the day. The tools have also given me the mindset to further discover my well-being in a judgment free space where I can find compassion and accept myself.”

~ Amanda

*The views and results are the opinion of each individual and results do vary and not guaranteed.

The 5 Secrets My Clients Use To Crush Their Anxiety, Face Their Fears, And Finally Regain Control of Their Life

(Even if their world seems totally out of control)